e-skills UK in England

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Boosting IT skills across the nations

We’re working with English employers and stakeholders to address the IT & Telecoms skills issues that will have the most significant impact on the country’s economy.

To make sure England has the technology skills it needs to compete internationally, we’re delivering on our Strategic Plan for England (2009-2014)  PDF 1MB

What we’re doing in England

We’re inspiring future talent by:

  • re-designing the IT curriculum for young people with Behind the Screen
  • encouraging employer engagement in schools with IT Ambassadors
  • providing materials to get more girls into IT through CC4G
  • encouraging primary schools to explore the opportunities of IT and the internet with our Make IT Happy competition 
  • providing information to encourage all young people to consider technology careers with BigAmbition
  • helping students develop the skills they need to get ahead with the 
    ITMB degree

We’re supporting IT professionals by:

We’re also working to raise awareness of the value of IT to organisations and individuals by offering:

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