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Boosting IT skills across the nations

We’re working to make sure Northern Ireland has the IT skills it needs to succeed in the global digital economy.

To do this, we’ve developed a 4-year Strategic Plan for Northern Ireland (PDF 1MB) with employers and stakeholders and we’ll be working to:

  • inspire future talent with employer-backed careers programmes such as the Bring IT On careers website (fully re-designed and updated in Jan 2012) and Computer Clubs for Girls (CC4G)
  • help young people build practical IT skills through apprenticeships
  • improve higher education opportunities with support from employers for GCSEs, GCEs and apprenticeships
  • provide better support for IT professionals
  • encourage organisations to offer more IT training

What has e-skills UK already achieved in Northern Ireland?

In 2007, research found that the software sector, Northern Ireland's largest growth area, was having problems attracting recruits with the right skills.

The steering group responded to this skills shortage by developing an ICT Future Skills Action Plan to address skills needs. The plan highlights the ICT Future Skills programme's achievements and outlines an action plan for the next 12 months. The ICT Future Skills 2012 Progress Report 2012 is available to download below.

Download the ICT Future Skills 2012 progress report PDF 235KB

The Employer Board for Northern Ireland: boosting IT Skills

The e-skills UK Employer Board for Northern Ireland is in charge of making sure Northern Ireland gets technology skills it needs to succeed.

The Board comprises:

  • David Mawhinney - (Chair) Managing Director, Equiniti ICS Limited
  • John Patrick Healy - Senior Vice President, Head of ICG Technology,Citi
  • Angela Canavan - Chief Operations Officer, Asidua
  • Joy Chambers - Workforce Solutions Area Leader, Allstate
  • William Hamilton - Managing Director, Liberty IT
  • Mike Crow - Head of Applications & Managed Services, Fujitsu
  • Paul Hamill - Director of Operations, Kainos
  • Ed Brown - Chief Executive Officer, Capita Plc
  • Brendan Duffy -  Chief Technology Officer, First Derivatives
  • Michael Black - Chief Financial Officer, Intel
  • Matt Halligan - Vice President of Engineering, Openwave Mobility
  • Barry Lowry - Head of IT Assist, Department of Finance and Personel

Manager for Northern Ireland

To get involved or if you have any questions regarding our programmes in Northern Ireland, please e-mail mark.feeney@e-skills.com.

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IT Careers website

Visit the Bring IT On NI website - fully re-designed and updated in 2012. Get a preview with our Bring IT on NI video below:
Bring IT On NI video pic