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Boosting IT skills across the nations

e-skills UK is working with Welsh employers and key Welsh stakeholders to address the IT & Telecoms skills issues that will have the most significant impact on the country’s economy.

To make sure Wales has the technology skills it needs to compete internationally, we’ve put together a 4-year Strategic Plan for Wales (2010-2014) (PDF 944KB) / Cynllun Strategol 4-blynedd ar gyfer Cymru (2010-2014) (PDF 1MB) and are working towards meeting its aims.

Our Action Plan for Wales, which addresses skills needs and co-ordinates activity across the country, has been endorsed by The Welsh Assembly and the Wales Stakeholder Panel. The plan is based on the outcomes of our Technology Insights research for Wales.

What we’re doing in Wales

We’re inspiring future talent by:

  • implementing and expanding employer-backed initiatives in schools like CC4G
  • exciting young people about technology careers through BigAmbition Wales
  • getting employer input for degree programmes that meet the needs of Welsh industry
  • coordinating influence and support from employers for GCSEs, A levels, and apprenticeships

We’re supporting IT professionals by:

We’re also working to raise awareness of the value of IT to organisations and individuals with the standards for IT users (available in Welsh) and ITQ, as well as promoting employer-designed tools that help organisations to exploit technology for business. 

In addition, we also offer access to robust, reliable labour market intelligence for Wales.

Current projects

We are currently working with Welsh Government and local employers on two unique programmes to address the IT professional skills gaps that are constraining business growth. The two programmes will provide:-

  • 300 unemployed people / career changers with training in skills for entry level IT jobs that employers need now. The aim of the project is to help individuals with a desire to work in IT gain the skills they need to start their careers, and, by doing so, increase the talent pool for employers with these in-demand roles.
  • Welsh employers of IT professionals with subsidised, high quality training in IT skills they have identified as being in particular demand. Organisations will be able to nominate individuals (250 in total across the project), to undertake one of seven IT professional development pathways, with each leading to an industry recognised qualification on successful completion.

Find out more about these projects.

The Employer Board for Wales: boosting IT Skills

The e-skills UK Employer Board for Wales is in charge of making sure Wales gets technology skills it needs to succeed.

The Board comprises:

  • Richard Miles - Group HR Manager, Admiral Group 
  • Ronan Miles - Director of BT, Collaboration BT 
  • David Edwards - CIO, Cardiff University 
  • Mike Greenway - Commercial Director, Cassidian   
  • Sarah McKinlay - Director of Recruitment, CGI 
  • Stephanie Murdoch - Director, Comparison Creator 
  • Charlie Godfrey - Account Executive, Fujitsu 
  • Paul Dennehy - HR Director, Fund Tech 
  • Stuart Arthur - CTO, Monmouthshire County Council 
  • Wendy Dearing - Head of Workforce, NHS Informatics Service

Welsh Language Scheme

e-skills UK has adopted the principle that in the conduct of public business in Wales, it will treat Welsh and English on a basis of equality. Download our Welsh Language Scheme (PDF 145KB) / Cynllun Laith Gymraeg (PDF 251KB) for details.

Manager for Wales

If you would like to get involved or find out more about programmes in Wales, contact gareth.norris@e-skills.com.

(Os hoffech gyfathrebu drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg, rhowch wybod i mi os gwelwch yn dda. Byddaf wedyn yn darparu dull i hyn ddigwydd o fewn 48 awr.)

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