What we do


How we make sure the UK has the IT skills it needs to succeed

Technology holds the key to innovation, global competitiveness and sustainable economic growth: our mission is to make sure Britain has the IT skills it needs to make these things happen.

We do this by taking our lead from employers and working with government, IT professionals and IT training providers to tackle skills needs and support economic recovery.

Please note that the work of e-skills UK is being taken forward by the Tech Partnership. Work is under way and further information will be available by the end of the year 2014.

Our goals

  • Inspire future talent by motivating students to pursue IT-related careers and better prepare all young people for work in a technology-enabled world
  • Support IT professionals by helping them develop world-class skills
  • Promote the benefits of IT to organisations and individuals across society

How e-skills can help

We use our influence and expertise to:

  • help employers address the issues no company can fix on its own
  • create effective strategic partnerships with government and agencies
  • offer employers and training providers insight based on our world-class labour market intelligence 
  • help shape the IT education and training systems in the UK 

The difference we’re making


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