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How e-skills UK makes an impact on industry and education

At e-skills UK we help people achieve their goals every year through our programmes, research and initiatives – at work, school and in Further and Higher Education.

Our success is recognised by the outstanding rating given to us by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills and National Audit Office in 2009.

Here are some of our achievements so far

Research: what we’re doing

Over 45,000 people are staying up-to-date with the latest developments in IT and Telecoms thanks to e-skills UK research.

Inspiring future talent: what we’re doing


We’ve changed girls’ attitudes to IT through computer clubs, reaching more than 135,000 girls in over 3,700 schools. Go to CC4G 

Behind the Screen:

Behind the Screen, our new IT curriculum teaching resource, is now available to all secondary schools. Go to Behind the Screen

Secure Futures:

Developed with UK employers, the Secure Futures website offers free cyber security teaching resources for schools. Go to Secure Futures


Encouraging girls into IT is one of e-skills UK’s priorities. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of the 9,000 registered BigAmbition users are girls.
Go to BigAmbition and Women in IT

Developing IT Professionals: what we’re doing


More than 6,500 people completed an IT and Telecoms apprenticeship in 2011. Find out more about apprenticeships

Information Technology Management for Business (ITMB degree):

The ITMB degree is running in 14 universities with 850 students, supported by 60 employers. Recent graduates have been offered jobs by companies like IBM, P&G, Logica and Credit Suisse. Find out more about the ITMB

Software Development for Business degree

The new Software for Development degree is lunaching at a selection of UK universities from September 2014. Find out more about the Software Development for Business degree

Helping individuals use IT: what we’re doing

IT User Qualification (ITQ):

57,000 people have completed an ITQ. Find out more about the ITQ

Go ON you can do IT

A free website to help individuals improve their digital skills. Visit GO ON you can do IT


121,000 people registered for the Online Basics course (now part of the Go ON UK initiative). Of those who took part in this online course, 70% felt they had more chance of finding a job and 90% felt more enthusiastic about learning. Find out more about Go ON UK

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