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e-skills UK works with employers, training providers and awarding organisations to develop qualifications both for IT & Telecoms professionals and IT users.

We make sure the qualifications offered by awarding organisations meet the needs of employers and are world-class in terms of quality, relevance and flexibility.

How we make a difference

IT professional qualifications

Help learners gain the IT skills they need to advance in their careers with IT professional qualifications.
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We’re boosting the IT workforce: over 6,500 people completed an IT and telecoms apprenticeship in 2011.
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The qualification for IT users is designed to be fully flexible to meet the specific needs of individual learners and employers. 57,000 people have completed an ITQ since April 2009.
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Over 45,000 people have drawn on our knowledge and expertise. Use our research to get an insight into the IT & Telecoms sector and to identify the skills in demand in the labour market.
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Key facts

  • We develop qualification units for IT & Telecoms professionals and IT users.
  • These units are aligned to the skills the IT & Telecoms sector needs.
  • We work with training providers, employers and awarding bodies to make sure units and qualifications stay relevant and up-to-date.

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