Apprenticeship certificates

Help your learners claim their apprenticeship certificates

Once an apprentice has completed the requirements laid out in the Apprenticeship Frameworks, they’ve earned their certificate. Apprenticeship completion certificate requests can be made directly by the Apprentice or by the training provider, college or organisation offering the Apprenticeship with the Apprentice's approval. Here’s the process for claiming certificates, nation by nation.


Certificate request process

e-skills UK are processing all England certificate requests through the Apprenticeship Certification System for England (ACE). The Federation has developed a centralised payment system for all Apprenticeship completion certifications processed on the ACE system.

There are three options for paying through the payment system:

1. Pre-pay by credit card

2. Pre-pay by BACs

These options will allow you to bulk buy credits for certificates that will be added to a balance on the ACE system, and deducted when certificates are processed

3. One off payment (pay at submission)

This 3rd option will allow you to use a credit/debit card to pay for the certificate when you submit the Apprenticeship certification claim for approval.

You can find further information here in this ACE Centralised Payment Guide PDF

Certificates are different for each level: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Training providers are required to register with e-skills UK through the ACE.

SASE Transferable skills

Please see the SASE Transferable Skills Guidance document PDF 236KB

The only qualifications that are acceptable as evidence for Transferable Skills and claims for apprenticeship completion certificates, are those identified in the appropriate SASE framework documents.   

Please see the Guidance on Forms of Acceptable Evidence PDF 2.5MB


All Apprenticeship completion certificates are now processed through Apprenticeship Certification Wales (ACW).  ACW online system is the place where apprentices, or learning providers / employers acting on their behalf, apply for their Apprenticeship certificates.  You will need to register your details selecting e-skills UK as the related body and submit.  Your log in details will then be sent to you so you can then get started.


Firstly you need to register as a training provider with e-skills UK - download the Scotland Modern Apprenticeship training provider registration form (Word 93KB)

All new registration and completion requests for Scotland are now being processed through MA Online Scotland.

Any completion requests for candidates previously registered need to complete the certificate request form and email for processing - download the Scotland Modern Apprenticeship certificate request form  (Word 201KB)

Northern Ireland

Certification is handled by the Department for Employment and Learning 

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