Current projects

As the official issuing authority for the IT sector standards and frameworks, e-skills UK maintains the National Occupational Standards and Apprenticeship Frameworks for the sector and has an ongoing programme of continuous development to ensure they both meet employers' needs.

We are also currently working on several specific apprenticeship development projects in England and in Wales. Find out more about the projects and how you can get involved as an employer, individual or training provider. Click on the links below for details.

Apprenticeship projects in England

  • Higher level apprenticeship
  • Sector-managed apprenticeship
  • Value added apprenticeship
  • Pre-apprenticeship education

Apprenticeship projects in Wales

  • IT Professional apprenticeship at level 3
  • Pathways to apprenticeships

Apprenticeship for Information Security

  • Currently in development - find out more.
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NAW 2013 Round-Up

National Apprenticeship Week 2013

Watch a round-up of the week, including a clip of the National Apprenticeship Service Chief Executive, David Way, talking at our e-skills UK IBM event.

IT Higher App video

IT Higher Apprenticeships

Watch our 2013 video featuring 4 young people in the process of completing their IT Higher Apprenticeships with Capgemini, IBM and Spedi. Then find out more about IT Higher Apprenticeships here.

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