Tech Industry Gold apprenticeships

About Tech Industry Gold Apprenticeships

Tech Industry Gold logoAvailable from industry-valued training providers, Tech Industry Gold apprenticeships are an easy way to give the highest quality development programme to your new recruits. In effect, the whole programme will take the stress out of hiring an IT apprentice.

An employer panel, supported by e-skills UK, oversees the accreditation of these programmes. The panel consists of Bango (Chair), BT, Capgemini, IBM, Lloyds Bank and Oracle.

The programme are recognised by industry for their quality and designed to make your apprentice productive more quickly.

They range from Level 3 ( typically after GCSE’s ) to Level 4 ( typically after A’ Levels ) and cover Software Developer, Database Developer, IT Technician, and Cyber Security. More detail on the roles can be found here.

Find an accredited training provider

If you are ready to take on an IT apprentice, the next step is to find an accredited training provider in your area. Industry Gold apprenticeships are available from industry-valued training providers.

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Benefits of a Tech Industry Gold apprenticeship

Choosing Industry Gold apprenticeships offers several benefits:

Guaranteed skills and quality

A panel of employers with extensive experience of IT apprenticeships have designed the course standards and accredited high quality training providers to deliver them.

This means your apprentice will get the best possible start to their career - they’ll gain the technical, business and interpersonal skills your business needs.

Faster productivity

Your apprentice will become productive more quickly, through both the employer-designed course standards and online development activities.

These activities will boost your apprentice’s interpersonal skills, improve their wider industry awareness and support them on their apprenticeship journey. They will be delivered via IT Apprentice Hub - an exclusive website for Industry Gold apprentices.

Easier recruitment and quality recruits

Because the tech sector is backing Industry Gold apprenticeships and raising awareness of them among school leavers, they’re more attractive to the best and brightest new talent. In addition, the training providers accredited to deliver them will give you comprehensive support in sourcing and interviewing candidates.

This means it’ll be easier for you to recruit the talent you need - a particular benefit if you’re a smaller company or perhaps new to apprenticeships.

Reduced overhead

As an employer, you’ll also get access to online resources to help you, based on the know-how of some of the most experienced apprenticeship employers in the UK.

This will help you - or those managing or mentoring your apprentice - understand best practice, and save time and effort bringing your apprentices up-to-speed.

Summary guide in infographic format

The process of taking on an apprentice may seem daunting and that’s where ‘IT apprenticeships: a guide for employers’ comes in.

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