Apprenticeship projects in England

The National Skills Academy for IT, which is led by e-skills UK, is currently developing the following apprenticeship programmes, in conjunction with employers of all sizes, from SMEs to multinationals companies. Find out more below about the programmes and how to get involved.

Sector-managed apprenticeship programme

UKCES GIF logoSupported by the Government’s Growth and Innovation Fund, we are undertaking a project to put employers at the heart of assuring both the delivery quality and content of the training that Advanced (Level 3) apprentices receive. We want SMEs to be able to benefit from world class apprenticeship programmes.

Working with a wide range of employers, we are defining specifications for apprenticeships in a number of ‘in-demand’ job roles. Complementing this, we are, in partnership with BT, piloting a new approach to delivery where BT, as a leading employer with highly respected apprenticeship programmes, is helping to establish new standards for apprenticeships and overseeing delivery quality. BT has, in turn, carried out a selection process to identify a suitable training delivery partner for the project. NITP was selected and will deliver training through its 10 further education college-based academies.

From this project, and other work e-skills UK is undertaking, we are developing specifications for IT Industry Gold Apprenticeships, with the Advanced Level versions being piloted through this project.

Higher level apprenticeship programme

Apprenticeships logoHigher apprenticeships combine the academic rigour of university and college education with practical, employer-defined training. They can lead to Foundation and Honours degree level qualifications.

With Higher Apprenticeship Fund support, we are aiming to increase the uptake of higher apprenticeships in the IT sector, creating a viable alternative to traditional graduate recruitment, by enabling employers to attract talented individuals at an early age and train them to suit their business needs.

Value added Apprenticeships

Enabled by the Government’s Employer Investment Fund, e-skills UK is developing a package to add value to existing apprenticeships. This will include activities such as events, learning support materials and lectures from core technology and business role models. There may also be the chance to visit some of the nation’s leading technology centres.

The programme will be designed with sector employers, to identify the enhancements needed to improve apprentices’ personal development, skills and knowledge.  Employers can benefit from motivated  IT apprentices on their staff with a wider appreciation and understanding of the business sector.

Pre-apprenticeships in technology

Pre-apprenticeships aim to give young people a taste of what a technology career is like and attract more of them into the sector. They enable school leavers to develop the skills, qualifications and experience they need to secure an apprenticeship or full-time job. Find out more about pre-apprenticeship opportunities.


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