Frameworks for IT Application Specialists Apprenticeships

Helping apprentices become IT “super users”

Learners develop a wide range of IT user skills within the frameworks for Apprenticeships for IT Application Specialists. The apprenticeship is available at Levels 2 and 3 and is designed to help and support people new to roles in which they use IT intensively.

The frameworks include an integrated competence and knowledge qualification and learners have to complete the ITQ Diploma.

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Find out more about Level 2 and Level 3

Summary of SASE/W compliant frameworks PDF 168KB

IT Application Specialists Apprenticeship framework - England PDF 1MB

PLTS Mapping spreadsheet 17.8KB

IT Users (non-statutory) Apprenticeship framework - Wales PDF 1MB

Apprenticeships Framework Online

Apprenticeship frameworks in England and Wales now have a statutory basis under the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 (ASCL). This act requires them to conform to the Standards for Apprenticeship Specifications for England (SASE) and for Wales (SASW) respectively, and be formally issued as compliant by an Issuing Authority (IA), in this case e-skills UK. IAs for England are in place now and therefore English frameworks are statutory. In Wales IAs will not be designated until 1st August and therefore, until then, frameworks can only be published on a non-statutory basis even although they do comply with SASW and are therefore eligible for public funding.

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