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BigAmbition and Bring IT On NI help get students across the UK excited about technology

Many students think that IT isn’t for them – that it’s only for boys or serious computer geeks. So to encourage all young people to consider technology careers and the benefits they can bring – good employability, competitive salaries and more – we create programmes like BigAmbition (for England, Scotland and Wales) and Bring IT On NI (for Northern Ireland).

What do these programmes offer?

The BigAmbition websites are designed to help teenagers explore the full range of digital careers. We have a dedicated site for England and we have just launched new sites for Scotland and Wales.

Visitors can learn about potential employers and job roles through contests, interviews, videos, games and more. Users find the careers advice inspiring – 81% say they are more likely to consider pursing an IT degree or career after using the site

The Bring IT On NI website offers information, advice and guidance, with a focus on Northern Irish employers and universities. Bring IT On NI also offers over 150 events a year, reaching an audience of over 10,000 students, parents and teachers.

Ready to learn more about technology careers?

Visit BigAmbition England, BigAmbition Scotland or BigAmbition Wales.

If you’re in Northern Ireland, check out Bring IT On NI

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