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Bring IT On NI

Discover the advantages of an IT career in Northern Ireland with Bring IT On NI.

With a website and a full programme of live events, Bring IT On NI aims to get 14-19 year olds excited about IT careers by showing them how technology impacts their daily lives. It also shows how the wealth of IT career opportunities in Northern Ireland makes it a rewarding career choice.

How Bring IT On NI gets young people interested in technology

Visitors to the Bring IT On NI website can:

  • get excited about technology through features showing the connections between technology and music, fashion, gaming and more
  • learn about local IT career opportunities through company profiles that showcase top NI organisations
  • find out what IT professionals can accomplish by reading employee profiles
  • find out about higher education opportunities through university and degree listings

What kind of events does Bring IT On NI offer?

  • University open days: helping 17-18 year olds find out more about IT degree programmes.
  • Regional Bring IT On events: a full day of interactive tasks designed to give 14-16 year olds and their teachers a better idea of what a digital career involves.
  • University awareness events: career information for students who chose an ICT course on their UCAS form, or students who are finishing the first year of their degree.
  • In-school events: similar to regional events, but for groups of schools.
  • Individual school engagement: an introduction to technology careers for 17-18 year olds. Priority is given to learners and schools that don’t traditionally participate in Bring IT On.
  • National IT Skills events: a day-long event that gives 17-18 year olds a look at the rewards of an IT career.
  • Teacher update days: leading IT employers give career and technology information to A-Level ICT teachers.
  • Career connections: careers talks, stands and presentations given at the request of local schools, Business Employer Partnerships and Area Learning Communities.

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What impact has Bring IT On had on young people in Northern Ireland?

We can reach over 10,000 students, parents, and teachers annually with 150 events a year. The website expands our reach even further, helping us to increase the numbers of young people interested in technology careers.

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