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Make IT lessons fun and relevant

Use e-skills UK programmes and resources to engage your students

Make your students enthusiastic about technology with e-skills UK teaching materials, and improve your own ICT skills with our programmes. We provide programmes and resources created with IT employers that are:

  • fun
  • challenging
  • cutting-edge
  • related to the real world
  • designed to address student misconceptions

CC4G online club

What is it?

Created for 10-14 year old girls and used in computer clubs, it’s a great way to make ICT a fun extra-curricular activity. An exciting career and education choice for your students.

How does it work?

It’s a programme that engages girls in fun ICT activities by focusing on subjects close to their hearts – fashion, music and sport.
Find out more about CC4G

Make IT Happy - Girls Get Coding

What is it?

A competition for primary schools across the UK to show how they would use IT and the internet to make people in their communities happy.

How does it work?

Primary school teachers and students create initiatives to help people get online.
Get more information and enter the competition

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