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Encourage your students to explore the possibilities of IT and the internet

Primary schools across the UK are using IT and the internet to make people in their communities happy , thanks to the Make IT Happy competition. 
Organised by the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee (PITCOM <link to>) and e-skills UK, with support from MPs, Make IT Happy encourages primary school teachers and students to ‘Get their community online’. 
It’s all part of using the everyday knowledge that children have around technology to help those less able to experience the benefits the internet provides.
Win up to £5,200 for your school
The winning school receives more than £5,000 to develop its technology resources, and more importantly, provide children with a genuine sense of achievement from their creative work. 
See some of the highlights from the past entries <link to entries (available late October)>

Make IT Happy is the UK-wide technology competition for pupils aged 9 to 11, that encourages them to make the most of IT. It’s now in its seventh successful year, and more than 5,000 young people have taken part.

The theme for 2013 is 'Make IT Happy, Make IT Safe' and we’re giving pupils the chance to find out more about using the internet safely, and then tell other people what they’ve learned. There’s more than £23,000 in prize money as well as a fantastic trip to the Houses of Parliament for the winning schools.

Make IT Happy, Make IT Safe is organised by e-skills UK, on behalf of PICTFOR, and is generously supported by the IET and the Nominet Trust.

'Make IT Happy 2013' has been awarded a CyberSmart Award. Many thanks for your support if you voted for us.

For more information, visit the Make IT Happy website.

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