New e-skills UK initiative aims to boost cyber security skills and training

Posted on: 18/12/12

stockse-skills UK is developing sector-backed learning pathways for cyber security. The aim is to drive the uptake of cyber security skills and qualifications which are vital to the IT sector.

e-skills UK is developing these pathways based on IT Professional Standards. This will set out the courses, qualifications and work experience needed for competence in security. The pathways will range from entry level through to professional levels and up to the highest level of Chief Information Security Officer.

By providing direct links to training, individuals and employers will be able to identify and source the training needed to reach Professional Standards.

e-skills UK will consider the needs of those specialising in security and IT professional roles that require security expertise. There will be a particular focus on the needs of employers in defence, utilities, financial services and crime prevention.

The objectives are that, by 2013:

  • 100 employers will be committed to the Cyber Learning Pathways
  • the project will result in increased investment in cyber security skills
  • employers will be provided with more direct links to training and qualifications

This project receives funding through the UKCES.

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