e-skills UK prepares Cyber Ninjas to tackle crime online

Posted on: 23/10/12

Behind the Screen Cyber Security GuruCompanies including BP, BT, CREST, Fujitsu and PricewaterhouseCoopers have joined forces with e-skills UK to deliver an interactive new cyber security module for the schools ‘Behind the Screen’ resource bank.

The government has assessed the cost of cyber crime to the UK economy as £27bn a year (1), and e-skills UK’s latest research, Technology Insights 2012 identifies skills in security and data protection as a top priority for employers. With technology vital to the running of every major organisation, there is a pressing need to improve cyber security skills at all levels.

The new resources enable students to progress through seven challenges, collecting belts as they go, to foil the evil machinations of Nemesis and his Henchman and prevent them breaching the security of Cyber City School. Supported by infographics, games, comic books and audio guides, the challenges introduce core principles of cyber security including awareness and planning; cyber crime and computer forensics; security practices and principles; safety, privacy and ethics; and online interaction.

As with all Behind the Screen modules, e-skills UK has developed comprehensive guidance and resources for teachers. They have access to lesson plans and guides, including a delivery presentation, and are provided with an exemplar log to help them assess students’ progress.

Tim Harwood, Digital Security Capability & Awareness Lead at BP, said; "e-skills UK research shows cyber security to be one of the leading concerns for businesses within and beyond the IT industry. It’s imperative that we educate young people about potential threats, but more importantly we need to equip the future talent of the UK economy with the knowledge and skills to tackle real-world challenges."

"Through this project, e-skills UK is providing a unique learning experience for students." said e‑skills UK’s Sue Nieland. "Behind the Screen delivers an academic curriculum in an engaging and entertaining way, based on real-world environments. The Cyber Ninjas module helps students to understand one of the most critical issues in our increasingly technology dependent society."

Behind the Screen is supported by funding from the UK Commission for Education and Skills (UKCES) Employer Investment Fund and from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

For more information about Behind the Screen please check our Behind the Screen page and visit the Behind the Screen website.


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About Behind the Screen

Available to schools across the UK, ‘Behind the Screen’ is designed by the IT sector, in partnership with educators, to inspire, challenge and stretch students – not only tomorrow’s technology experts and digital entrepreneurs, but everyone with an interest in how technology works ‘behind the screen’. Providing innovative resources for students and teachers, computer science is taught through real-life topics such as developing a software application for Wimbledon tennis, creating the solution architecture for a social media application and computer games programming.

Behind the Screen is led by a partnership of employers including IBM, the BBC, BAFTA, Blitz Games, Capgemini, Cisco, Deloitte, HP, John Lewis, Logica, the Metropolitan Police Service, Microsoft, National Grid, Procter & Gamble, Sainsbury’s, SAS, Steria and TCS.  It is supported by funding from the Employer Investment Fund of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.


(1) “Cost of Cyber Crime”: A Detica Report in partnership with the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance in the Cabinet Office, February 2011.

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