IT Professional Profile

IT Professional Profile

Evaluate your IT professional skills

A free online tool

The IT Professional Profile is a free, online tool that allows you to evaluate your IT professional skills against an agreed industry benchmark - the IT Professional Standards. The Profile is part of the National Skills Academy for IT offering.

Manage your career development

When you’ve got an accurate understanding of your skills, you can pinpoint skills gaps and seek out training that addresses them precisely. You can also share your profile with colleagues, employers or others. We think that the IT Professional Profile will be a powerful tool for anyone looking to manage their career development, or demonstrate their value to an employer.

Create your profile

If you are an IT professional, start creating your profile now. This will allow you to:

  • create a unique, protectable, sharable link to let others see your skill levels
  • move directly from a skills gap to tailored training to fill it.

There’s a feedback tab on the site - we would be really grateful for any feedback, good or bad, that you can give us. 
Access the IT Professional Profile now at

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