IT Professional Profile

IT Professional Profile


Evaluate your skills against the industry agreed IT Professional Standards

Why create a Profile?

With IT Professional Profile, individuals can capture and visualise their technical and interpersonal skills on a single page.

Use your Profile to spot gaps in your knowledge and plan what training you need. Or share it with potential employers as a supplement to your CV or portfolio.

Free to create online

It only takes a few minutes to create your free Profile:

  1. Add over 60 technical and interpersonal skills. Then set your level in them - ranging from level 2 for new entrants to level 6 for experienced managers.
  2. Add your certifications, qualifications and technologies. This means recruiters can see at a glance what skills you have.
  3. Register with us to save your Profile. You can then share it with friends, colleagues or future employers, as a link via email or social media, or a downloadable PDF.
  4. Spot gaps in your knowledge and identify the training you need. Profile is based on either IT Professional Standards or SFIA, so covers all the skills required to work in IT.
  5. Update your Profile regularly. Add the new skills you gain through professional development. Use your updated Profile at your next appraisal or salary review, or when applying for jobs.

Start planning your career now

IT Professional Profile is already used by over 1,300 IT professionals and supported by major employers, such as the John Lewis Partnership and Tata Consultancy Services. Join them now:

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