Northern Ireland’s ICT labour market snapshot

Find out about supply and demand for ICT labour and skills in Northern Ireland

Whether you’re thinking of setting up an IT business in Northern Ireland or looking for work opportunities, our snapshot of the current state of supply and demand for ICT labour and skills is essential reading.

What the NI ICT Snapshot includes

The latest ICT labour market intelligence and the results of a survey of 300 employers of ICT professionals in Northern Ireland.

Why we do this research

The NI ICT Snapshot helps us to identify and understand the requirements for ICT skills in Northern Ireland.  This publication and the results from the survey will assist in advising on policy and activities on ICT, a priority skill area, ensuring that employers can attract and retain employees both now and in the future.

Download the Northern Ireland ICT Snapshot -  May 2013 pdf 174kb

Click here for an overview of the findings.

Also available is the Underpinning Report for the NI ICT Snapshot pdf 2.1mb 

Download previous reports below:

Northern Ireland ICT Snapshot - May 2012 pdf 201kb

Northern Ireland ICT Snapshot - Jan 2011 pdf 313kb

Northern Ireland ICT Snapshot - Jan 2010 pdf 172kb

More about the IT & Telecoms landscape in NI

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