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Facts and figures: IT & Telecoms in the UK

Got questions about the UK’s IT & Telecoms industry and workforce? Find the answers in our research notes

Need to know how many IT & Telecoms companies there are in the UK? How many people work in IT & Telecoms? What the average salary is for a job role in the workforce? How many graduates enter the IT & Telecoms workforce after education?

Find all this out and more in our collection of research notes, which cover frequently asked questions on common themes.

What the research notes include

Key facts and figures from a wide range of sources highlighting critical issues and trends in the IT & Telecoms sector.

Read e-skills UK research notes on:

Higher Education and Graduate Recruitment in the IT & Telecoms Workforce PDF 168KB

IT & Telecoms Business Analysis PDF 114KB

IT & Telecoms Salaries Analysis PDF 161KB  

A Profile of the IT & Telecoms Workforce PDF 131KB

Women in the IT & Telecoms Workforce (updated Jan 2011) PDF 228KB

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