ITQ framework

Deliver inspiring IT qualifications with the ITQ framework

Meet the needs of your learners and employers with IT qualifications based on the ITQ and Scottish SVQ framework. ITQs help you create the qualification you want, thanks to their flexible structure and delivery.

QCF Framework

The ITQ and Scottish SVQ ITQ were designed for the new Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

The QCF/SCQF allows learners to gain credits at each level, unit by unit, building on existing knowledge and skills without having to repeat learning.  

They’re easier to understand, with the level and size of the qualifications clear from the course title.

Credits and levels

All units and qualifications in the QCF have:

> a credit value – 1 credit represents 10 working hours

> a level (Entry to Level 8) which represents how difficult it is

  • Level 2 is equivalent to GCSE grade A*-C
  • Level 3 is equivalent to QCE A-Level
  • Level 6 is equivalent Bachelors degree with Honours

Qualifications are categorised based on size:

  • Award = 1-12 credits
  • Certificate = 13-36 credits
  • Diploma = 37 credits or more

For a full explanation of credits and levels, check the overview of qualifications on the Ofqual website.

 ITQ Framework

The new ITQ framework offers a number of improvements for training providers:

  • units that help users get ahead: the suite of shared QCF/SCQF units were developed in partnership with awarding organisations and with the needs of employers in mind
  • fewer mandatory units: for Certificates and Diplomas you only need to include one mandatory unit, and there are no mandatory units for Awards
  • difficulty levels appropriate for the majority of IT users: ITQs can be from Entry Level up to Level 3
  • a range of sizes: at Levels 1-3, you can choose to offer an Award (minimum 9-12 credits), Certificate (min. 13-25 credits) or Diploma (min. 37-39 credits). Each credit represents 10 notional learning hours
  • flexible rules of combination (ROC): you can choose units from the ITQ framework and incorporate selected units from other sectors from the QCF so learners can tailor the qualification they need.
  • bespoke or specialist software: ITQ can include the use of company-specific software applications and specialist software. ITQ reflects the systems and applications the learner is using in their workplace.


Get more information about the rules of combination of the ITQs:

Download the qualification structure PDF 182KB

Download the qualification structure (Scotland) PDF 116KB

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