ITQ case studies

See how the ITQ has worked for individuals, training providers and businesses

ITQ works for everyone – from the employers who help shape the qualification, to the learners who take it.

Find out how ITQs have helped organisations, individuals and training providers alike by reading our case studies.

ITQ case studies

John Lewis

The Welwyn John Lewis store achieved an ROI of 140% within 12 months of running the ITQ.

Read the John Lewis case study PDF 1MB

HydraPower Dynamics

See how every one of HydraPower Dynamics’ 75-strong workforce – from junior staff to engineering managers – improved their IT skills to work faster, smarter and with more confidence with the ITQ Distance Learning programme.

Read the HydraPower Dynamics case study PDF 52KB

ITQ Learning and Skills case studies

Newham Community Education and Youth Service (NewCEYS)
The ICT Curriculum Development Tutor took the ITQ herself and found its flexibility and task-centred approach was exactly what her service needed.

Read the NewCEYS case study PDF 520KB

Selby College of Further Education

An ICT lecturer at Selby College found the ITQ Learning and Skills programme so valuable he designed a programme for his colleagues as well as finding new ideas to motivate the students.

Read the Selby College of Further Education case study PDF 715KB

Bishop Auckland College

Bishop Auckland College had delivered ITQs for over 5 years when they got involved in the ITQ Learning and Skills pilot. What they learned allowed staff to include real work-based situations in their courses.

Read the Bishop Auckland College case study PDF 575KB

Hull City Council

See how the ITQ Learning and Skills pilot filled the gaps in Hull City Council’s staff development programme.

Read the Hull City Council case study PDF 654 KB

ITQ portfolios case studies

West Cheshire College

West Cheshire College found using eNVQ for ITQ portfolios meant disabled students were no longer disadvantaged and all learners were more likely to keep online appointments with tutors.

Read the West Cheshire College case study PDF 16KB

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