Find out what public funding is available for this qualification

Sources of public funding

Funding can be a complex issue and there are a number of routes worth exploring. 

The Skills Funding Agency (SFA)

This is a new agency set up by Government to fund and regulate adult skills training in England, replacing the Learning and Skills Council.

In Wales funding can be available from the Welsh Assembly Government. For further information, see e-skills in Wales.

 In Scotland, funding is available for the Scottish Vocational Qualification ITQ.

In Northern Ireland, funding is available for those taking the ICT Essential Skills course. This provides an excellent starting point, and has been mapped to ITQ. See e-skills in Northern Ireland.

What qualifications get funded?

The following ITQs are eligible for public funding:

Adult Learner Responsive funding

  • Level 3 Diploma (39 credits)
  • Level 2 Diploma (38 credits)
  • Level 2 Certificate (16 credits)
  • Level 1 Diploma (37 credits)
  • Level 1 Certificate (13-17 credits)
  • Level 1 Award (9 credits)
  • Entry Level Certificate (13 credits)
  • Entry Level Award (6 credits)
  • Entry Level Awards (1 credit)


Employer Responsive funding (Train to Gain)

  • Level 3 Certificate (25 credits)
  • Level 2 Certificate (16 credits)


How can I find out if a qualification can get funding?

The Skills Funding agency regularly publishes an updated list of qualifications eligible for public funding.

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