Education is key in providing the UK with the IT skills it needs to stay competitive in the global digital economy.

We’re working with employers and IT professionals to further develop and deliver our range of established programmes for schools and for HE and FE.

All types of organisations and companies can get involved. Find out more below.

  • e-skills for schools

    e-skills for schools

    Our work in schools is switching young people on to tech careers, and making GCSE and A level computing more inspirational.

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  • e-skills degrees

    e-skills degrees

    e-skills degrees are undergraduate programmes that have been designed and developed by leading employers according to the skills and abilities they need in their businesses today.

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  • More for schools

    More for schools

    We’re working with employers, IT professionals and partner organisations to enrich the schools curriculum, inspire the next generation, and to help teachers with their professional development.

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  • More for HE and FE

    More for HE and FE

    We bring IT employers and IT professionals together with HE and FE to help develop young talented people into work-ready IT professionals with the skills needed by the sector.

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