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Employment and recruitment

The future of job creation in the UK lies in the IT & Telecoms sector and professional workforce – but recruiting good candidates is a problem in several areas.

The IT & Telecoms workforce now employs 1 in 20 of the total UK workforce. Using e-skills UK research, you can find the latest information on labour market trends and understand the IT & Telecoms recruitment issues facing employers.

Why you need to know more about IT & Telecoms employment and recruitment

  • More than 1.5m people are employed in the IT & Telecoms workforce. 863,000 of them work in the IT & Telecoms industry itself and 674,000 work as IT or Telecoms professionals in other industries.
  • Employment in the IT industry will grow at 2.19% per annum – nearly five times faster than the UK average.
  • Over half a million new entrants are required to fill IT & Telecoms professional job roles in the UK over the next five years. 
  • Nine out of ten firms suffering IT & Telecoms related skills shortages are experiencing delays in the development of new products or services.
  • Business skills, higher level technical skills and sector knowledge/experience are often thought lacking among applicants for IT & Telecoms positions.

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