Women in IT


Facts and figures on the IT & Telecoms gender gap

Gender remains a significant and worsening issue in IT & Telecoms professional occupations. Enrolments in technology-intensive courses continue to decline, and women in particular remain unconvinced about a career in IT. e-skills UK offers initiatives to encourage girls into IT, as well as in-depth research exploring the gender imbalance.

Why you need to know more about the gender imbalance in IT

  • By 2013, less than one in six (16%) of the 1,129,000 people working as IT specialists in the UK were women
  • Of the 753,000 people working in the IT sector at this time, just one in five (20%) were women
  • Women are much more likely to hold technician/engineer grade positions than men (34% vs. 20% respectively) and less likely to be working in 'professional' (primarily development related) occupations (46% vs. 57%)
  • Female representation within IT specialist roles is higher within the devolved nations than in the UK as a whole (19% vs. 16%)
  • At £640 per week, the median gross weekly rate of pay for female IT specialists was 16% (£120) less than the comparison figure for men working in IT roles (£760) and the recorded level of pay for women IT roles has been consistently below that of male IT specialists in each of the past 10 years
  • Gender imbalance in both the IT industry and in IT occupations is an issue to all EU 15 nations
  • Female representation is in these industries/occupations is lower in the UK than the EU 15 average

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