National Occupational Standards (NOS)


Find out about the skills you need with the NOS for IT users and IT professionals

e-skills UK is responsible for developing and maintaining the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for IT & Telecoms professionals and the NOS for IT users. These:

  • outline the specific skills needed for a variety of IT & Telecoms-related job roles
  • were developed with employers to make sure they are relevant to the real world
  • are used for writing job descriptions, assessing staff, developing training programmes and more

NOS for IT & Telecoms professionals

The NOS for IT professionals:

  • define the areas of professional competence needed for staff in the IT & Telecoms industry as well as IT professionals in other industries
  • are revised often – most recently in 2009 – to keep them up-to-date
  • form the base of IT professional qualifications

Download the NOS for IT & Telecoms professionals below. By downloading the NOS you are agreeing to the licensing terms and conditions for use of the standards and, if relevant, you have the authority to do so on behalf of your organisation. 

NOS for IT & Telecoms professionals PDF 3MB

To access the standards online, search the UKCES NOS database.

If you have any questions about the standards, please contact: 

NOS for IT Users

The NOS for IT users detail 26 specific areas of competence needed by IT users in all industries. These standards are easy-to-use for employers and training providers, since each area of competence is defined through:

  • performance criteria
  • knowledge criteria
  • 3 levels of progression
  • examples of how to apply the standards

Download the NOS for IT users (in English) PDF 1MB

Download the NOS for IT users (in Welsh) PDF 1 MB

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